Winter Floral Fashion

Full Length One.jpg

I don’t know about you, but all this frigid air and unrelenting snow have me wistfully thinking about spring. I guess that’s why today I felt my burgundy floral kimono calling to me from my closet.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you still can’t rock flowers! I went a little Stevie Nicks with my outfit: a classic flowy kimono, velvet maxi dress, black lace flower tights, and my Victorian-eqse lace-up booties.

Full Length Two

Tidus has to have his close-up too!

Up Close One

I am in love with this kimono! It is soft chiffon that floats like a dream when you move and it even features a tie that you can cinch to flatter your curves. For this look, I didn’t cinch it at all and it still looks so nice!

Up Close Two

Velvet is super trendy right now, and it’s no wonder why. Velvet feels amazing, and the texture makes almost any outfit appear elegant and feminine. Not that dudes can’t wear velvet, but something about a velvet dress is just….*sigh* dreamy.


I kept my makeup very natural with no eyeshadow or lipstick. I wanted that all-natural 1970’s look. Halfway through taking these pictures, I decided to turn the floral theme all the way up and added this cute little daisy chain crown. It definitely compliments the outfit better! My jewelry-wearing days are persona non grata due to my little babe’s clutching claws, but eventually, I will be able to wear earrings and necklaces again! *singing* One day my prince will come…

Shoes & Tights

Shoes & Tights Two

Boots are my weakness. I have to be extremely careful or else I will end up with a closet FULL of boots! You will definitely see more of these darlings in the future. They look stunning and they are pretty comfortable too. The wide base heel helps me feel stable, even when I’m toting around my son on my hip. These floral lace tights are a tad itchy, not gonna lie, but they look bomb so I’m not complaining. They are not very breathable either, which in the winter does help contain your body heat. I probably will not be wearing these tights in the spring/summer, so these are strictly fall/winter tights.

Layout One

This was a perfect winter floral outfit that was easy to put together, trendy, and comfy! What do y’all think?

Shop this post! This post is not sponsored or affiliated with any entity. All items were purchased with my own money.

Longline Self-Tie Floral Kimono | Forever 21

Velvet Dress | Goodwill

Floral Lace Tights | Charlotte Russe

Black Victorian Style Lace-up Booties | Charlotte Russe

Daisy Chain Flower Crown | Charlotte Russe


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