1950’s Inspired Girl Next Door Look


I love putting modern twists on vintage fashion looks! Last week I put together an outfit that I think will become a new staple for me: a 1950’s inspired girl next door look!


One thing I love about this look is that it can easily be worn pretty much any time of the year. It would be especially cute on the 4th of July though! I tucked a small portion of this shirt into my high waisted skinny jeans to show off that bright and shiny button. The shirt is a little wide so tucking it helped it to conform more to my curves.

PicMonkey Collage

To add some fun and funky texture to the ensemble, I wore my taupe velvet sneakers. Sneakers are key to perfecting the 1950’s look! Women in the 1950’s wore jeans that came down right at the ankle, hovering just above the shoe. They also rolled their jeans up, which I would have done if I had been wearing these in the summer as opposed to the dead of winter. Do you like my stripy penguin socks? Haha! I didn’t have any bobby socks, which were the popular sock of choice during the 50’s. This is why it’s my modern take!


I think this is the only bright red shirt that I own, and I’m wondering why I don’t wear more red because I actually liked the way it looked on me! The shirt sports puffy bell-like sleeves that give the outfit a fun, flirty feel.


I’m in between eyebrow products right now, so I’m having to just fill them in with shadow. I have very hooded eyes, as you can see, but I didn’t wear any eyeshadow with this look. Girls next door tend to keep their makeup very natural, which is a trend that I am enjoying right now. I only smudged brown eye pencil around my eyes, put on a layer of mascara, dusted a light pink blush on my cheeks, and dabbed my lips with rose tinted lip balm. For my hair, I rolled back my bangs and pinned them with bobby pins, then tied my trusty silk handkerchief around my head and secured that with bobby pins as well. I had meant to sleep in curlers the night before so that my hair would have some life to it, but mom brain took over and I forgot! Oops!


That’s it for my 1950’s Inspired Girl Next Door look! Whaddya think? Am I one cool cat or what?

Shop This Post! All items were purchased with my own money and were not sponsored in any way.

High Waisted Skinny Jeans | Forever 21

Red Puff Sleeve Shirt | TJ Maxx

Taupe Velvet Sneakers | Charlotte Russe


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