90’s Grunge Look

90s grunge 2

Who doesn’t love a good 90’s throwback outfit? Everywhere I go I see more and more outfits on girls of all ages that are definitely 90’s inspired, if not straight out of that era. There are some things that should NOT be brought back (I’m lookin’ at you, windbreaker tracksuits!!) but in general, I really love 90’s style! Here’s a 90’s grunge look I threw together, I hope it inspires you!

90s grunge 4

Am I the only one that likes squared-off shoulders on their clothes? As a broad-shouldered…erm…broad, I feel like it fits my silhouette much better! Flannel and ripped black jeans, skater dresses, and long dresses/skirts with slits in them were all the rage for grunge enthusiasts! I weirdly do not own any flannel button-ups, otherwise, I would have paired this dress with one! Tying flannel shirts around the waist was incredibly trendy in the 90s.

90s grunge 6

To achieve the signature 90’s grunge look, your makeup needs to be vampy and dark. Grunge emerged from the alternative music scene, after all, so these ladies weren’t looking to fit in. They exuded a tough, sultry, vibe! I used my liquid lipstick from Colourpop in Arabesque and my Coastal Scents maroon berry and antique gold for this grungy look. I left my eyebrows completely natural so that the rest of my dark makeup would pop!

90s grunge 8

I didn’t use any heat on my hair. I wanted a messy look, so I just ran my brush through it and put it up in a half ponytail. It’s times like this that I wish I had extensions so that my thin hair would look more voluminous, but I work with what I have!

90s grunge 7

Isn’t this neckline to die for?! No jewelry required! However, chokers were CRAZY popular during this time period, so layer a few on and BAM! Grunge-tastic!

90s grunge 5

I am wearing my Victorian-style black boots with this outfit, but I was very torn between these and my black combat boots. I went with the Victorian-style boots so that I’d have a little lift, but next time I rock this outfit I’ll be stomping around in my combat boots! Tights are a MUST, with lace and fishnet being the better of the grungey choices. I love tights because they add that much-needed texture to outfits!

90s grunge 9

Now put on your Nirvana CD or a grunge playlist on Youtube (may I recommend Black Hole Sun by Sound Garden) and rock on!

Shop this post! All items were purchased with my own money and were not sponsored in any way.

’90’s Gingham Dress | Goodwill

Black Floral Tights | Charlotte Russe

Victorian-style Boots | Charlotte Russe

Arabesque Liquid Lipstick | Colourpop


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