How I Pack My Diaper Bag

How I Pack My Diaper Bag

I’ve been a mom for a year now, and I feel like I finally got my diaper bag packing skills down to a science. Today, I’m going to talk about how I pack my diaper bag!

Sunnies are a must!

I prefer backpack diaper bags because I am all about that hands-free life! Isn’t my diaper bag the cutest thing ever?! It’s the Kingdom of Cute backpack that my friend got me from her trip to Disney World. I love everything Disney, so this backpack is adorned with a couple of pins here and there, as well as my favorite Snow White keychain. Make the diaper bag your own! It might be used to carry mostly baby items, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be in your style! Also, you can’t go wrong always keeping a cute pair of sunnies in your diaper bag! Okay, let’s get started!


How I Pack My Diaper Bag - Toys & Backup Onesie

  • Baby Backups

I never, EVER, leave the house without a backup onesie. I have unfortunately forgotten an extra outfit before, and it was an experience I never want to repeat! I always make sure I keep a onesie that is a size above what my baby is now so that I know it will always fit. There’s nothing worse than having an outfit, but not being able to actually put it on your baby!

Obviously, toys in the diaper bag are a must. I like one toy that’s interactive and one toy that can double as a teether. My son loves his Poppin’ Wheelie James toy! It moves but doesn’t make any loud noises, so it’s great for doctor’s offices or restaurants where you don’t want a noisy toy annoying all your fellow patrons. He also favors this plastic alligator bath toy and enjoys biting its nose.

The Main Essentials

  • Putting the “Diaper” in Diaper Bag

Obviously, you’re gonna need diapers. I found that putting four diapers and the diaper cream into a clutch was so much easier than just throwing them separately into the bag. A must for me is a washable diaper changing mat. These things are the BEST and protect my little dude from all those nasty public diaper changing tables. Plus, they work great when I need to change a diaper in the car or when we’re visiting family. I love Amazon’s brand of unscented wipes. They come out to just about a penny a wipe and are so soft! I always keep a pack in my bag!

Catch-all Pouch

  • The Little Extras

For a while, I just threw everything else into my diaper bag and called it a day. After time went on, I found myself getting constantly frustrated because I could never find that ONE item that I needed without digging through the bag for several minutes. I finally had the bright idea to put all of the little extras into a pouch I had lying around.

Helpful on-the-go products to have in your diaper bag

  • Lysol To Go is great for this time of the year. I spray it on any surface my baby is going to touch such as shopping carts and restaurant high chairs.
  • Orajel is a product that I never go anywhere without. My son has been teething since he was four months old, and it makes him into a monster! I always feel better having it on hand when I’m out in about, just in case!
  • Hand Sanitizer! This is an old one, but I love this scent! I wonder if they still sell it at Bath & Body Works still?
  • Hand cream for my dry hands!
  • A baby spoon for if Ti wants some of my food while we’re eating out. News flash: he ALWAYS does!
  • Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy lotion is perfect for Tidus because he gets really bad eczema spots during the winter time. I love it!
  • Fit & Active Fruit Bar is the perfect mom snack! It’s only 110 calories but gives you a nice boost of energy. Shout out to Ti for literally grabbing this off the convenience lane and putting it into his mouth so that I had to buy it. Now I love them!
  • Sunscreen is always good to have on hand in case I forget to put it on the both of us before we spend any amount of time outside. We are both very fair skinned and burn easily!
  • Tide To Go Pen has saved many a onesie and many a mommy shirt, let’s just leave it at that!
  • Pocket Tissues are awesome, especially when they have Star Wars characters on them!
  • EOS lip balm because it’s the best, am I right?!

First Aid Items

  • First Aid/Emergency Products

Here I have two disposable diaper changing covers, a sanitary pad, my nail kit (I always seem to break a nail when I’m not at home!), a bandage, and my trusty ol’ SwissCard! The SwissCard is basically a Swiss Army Knife in the size of a credit card. It contains a light, a pen, a small knife, a magnifying glass, and scissors. The scissors have saved me dozens of times from annoying threads on my clothes, difficult to open packaging, and even cutting pieces of paper. I totally recommend them! All of these items fit perfectly in the zipper side pocket on my backpack!

JJ Rabbit Silicone Snack Matt & Snack in the Box

  • Snack Attack Preparedness

I do not go anywhere without these two products! The jj rabbit silicone matt is a food grade anti-bacterial matt that sticks to any table, creating a clean space for your kid to eat. It rolls up nice and tight and is a lifesaver at restaurants! The animal on it is supposed to be a penguin, but I think it looks like a Porg! Any Star Wars fans here?

I also am in love with my Snack in the Box! I can carry two snacks in it at once! Ti’s favorite snacks right now are freeze-dried yogurt drops and organic white cheddar rice puffs. I actually got hooked on the rice puffs and they’re now one of my favorite snacks too! My diaper bag has a perfect side pouch for bottles, so when we head out I grab my son’s water bottle from the fridge and pop it right in!

Inside is all nice and organized!

To me, it is extremely important to be able to instantly see everything in my diaper bag as soon as I unzip it. Keeping most things inside their zipper pouches may seem like extra hassle or even just plain unnecessary, but trust me, organizing the inside of your diaper bag will change your life! I know where everything is and can pull whatever I need out of my bag instantly. It really helps to restock your diaper bag about every other week or so too! That way you can switch out snacks, toys, and replenish diapers and outfits!

I hope this was helpful! I know I would have benefited from something like this while I was a brand new mom.

This post is not sponsored in any way.

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