1940’s Look – A Completely Thrifted Outfit



What’s buzzin’, cousin? I’m back with a 1940’s inspired look for you today! And bonus – the outfit (except for the tights and belt) was completely thrifted!

1940's girl hair and makeup

This particular look is inspired by June Haver, who was a Broadway singer, dancer, and actress during the 40’s. You should seriously Google her because she is STUNNING! For my hair, I slept in foam rollers (as one does when recreating vintage looks, haha) that were rolled vertically. In the morning I brushed out the curls carefully and rolled my bangs away from my forehead, pinning them in place. I had to use my “hair rat” for this because my hair is so thin and fine it is nearly impossible to get a lot of lift otherwise.

I used a cream blush on my cheeks first, then put a powdered blush on top. On my lips, I used Snowfleek from Colourpop. I didn’t wear any eyeshadow for this look, but I did use my Kat Von D black eyeliner in Trooper for that classic cat eye! I should have tried to do my eyebrows a little more thin here, but I kept to my natural shape instead.

1940s shoes thrifted from Goodwill

These lace tights are my favorite but I can never remember where I got them! They’re super stretchy and comfortable though! I had been looking for a classic 40’s shoe at Goodwill for a long time. Then this winter I finally found a pair in my size! They are a bit worn but I think they still look copacetic. 😉 Leather pumps and oxfords were all the rage during the 40’s, and these shoes are a perfect match!

Thelook I get when I notice there's a smudge of lipstick on my mirror

I finished off the look with a tight cropped sweater with a white tank top underneath, a plaid wool skirt (this skirt is perfect for cold weather, it’s so warm!), and a leather belt for my waist to tie it all together. The best part is that all of these items were found at my local Goodwill! I had to search for awhile before I had all the parts, but it was so worth it!

What do you think about completely thrifted outfits? I think they’re a real humdinger!

P.S. The look on my face in that picture is my reaction to realizing there was a lipstick smudge on the mirror this whole time! Oh boy…




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