Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles – Book Review

Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles, Book #1Paramnesia: The Deadish Chronicles, Book #1 by Brian Wilkinson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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2 out of 5 Stars

“That love, true love, means giving up the thing that you want most in order for the other person to be happy.”


A grisly murder on prom night the year before doesn’t keep Nora Edwards from being over-the-moon about her own upcoming prom night. She is *deeply* in *love* with her boyfriend of five months, Andrew, and literally nothing could stop this night from being the best night ever. Oh yeah. Except for a hungry and violent monster called The Revenant who loves to gobble up the souls of the living (and who also apparently loves the taste of a good prom outfit). The Revenant attacks the happy couple and Nora narrowly escapes with her life after watching Andrew meet the end of his. Dealing with the aftermath of such a tragedy would be bad enough, except now Nora can see dead people, and she has no idea what to do about it.

Does this sound interesting? It did to me, which is why I am THOROUGHLY disappointed that I did NOT enjoy this book even a little bit. It pains me, but I had to abandon it completely, which I rarely ever do. But I have decided that life is too short to force myself to read ridiculous books filled with unlikable characters and very little action. So here we are.

Pet Peeves

To say I gave Paramnesia a fair chance is an understatement. I read a little over 50% of the book when I finally decided I needed to move on with my life. This book was classified as a paranormal fantasy novel. It most definitely is a paranormal ROMANCE novel, and if I had known that, I would have skipped this book entirely because I do not enjoy YA paranormal romances. The first 15% of the story is basically all romance and friend drama. I also had to read this ACTUAL sentence about the MC and her boyfriend with my OWN TWO EYES:

“Neither of them was flush with cash, so a date on the dime had to do.”

jean-ralphio singing

I’m sorry, but all I could think of was Jean-Ralphio from Parks & Rec singing obnoxiously. The worst part is that sentence wasn’t something a character said, it was just the actual narration. So yeah, I had an issue with the writing style, but I also hated every single character in this book. No one was likable. Nora is a judgemental cry-baby moron who runs onto carousels when she’s attempting to run from a killer. Andrew is a creepy obsessive boyfriend both alive AND dead. Her so-called best friend Vee is shallow, catty, and also moronic. The Deadish Society is just a bunch of idiotic ghosts with no real sense of purpose or direction, not one of them is remotely likable. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quote from one of the ghosts, Reno:

“We’re dead, but not all the way dead if we’re still here. We haunt, we bop around, we talk, we play, but we don’t eat, sleep, poop (I miss a good poop), so we aren’t technically alive, but we also aren’t all the way dead.”

hard pass.gif

UGH. So to surmise: I hated all the characters, disliked the writing style, and thought the dialogue was just plain bad. Oh, and I am really sick of the ‘therapy is useless and stupid’ trope which this book unfortunately employs. I could rant about that all day, but I won’t.


The one shred of praise I have for Paramnesia is that the concept (not so much the execution) of The Revenant was interesting. The writer describes it as a psychic vampire of sorts who feeds on the aura or energy of souls/ghosts. I thought that the scenes with The Revenant at the beginning were quite strong, and I think the author is well-suited to writing some violent action scenes, but not so great at writing cheesy teen romances or likable main characters. The quote about love was pretty nice which is why I included it as my main quote. I’m not completely heartless.

Final Thought

I had some major issues with the dialogue and the characters, so I really can’t say I would recommend this to the typical YA enthusiast, but if you really enjoy YA paranormal romances, this book might be for you.


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