Thrifted Haul: Spring Edition!

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There are few things I enjoy more than the spoils of a good haul from a thrift store. I had the pleasure of hanging with one of my new mom friends as we both sifted through our local Salvation Army while simultaneously wrangling our toddlers. It was so much fun and I made out like a bandit!

Polka Dot Casual Spring Outfit

Polka Dot Dress Shirt

This polka dot button up shirt and brown belt were my thrift store finds today! I love button up shirts because you can wear them so many ways! I plan on wearing this tied up and with the sleeves rolled when that hot summer weather hits!

Casual Spring Outfit with saddle bag

Saddle Bag

I totally scored with this outfit! The embroidered daisies on this button-up blue sweater gave me such a 50’s vibe that I had to have it! Paired just right I know I can use it to make the perfect vintage outfit. I also found the saddle bag and the sandals for four bucks! Yaaaas!!

Fun and flirty look

Fries Before Guys graphic tee

My friend and I giggled over this graphic tee! As soon as I saw it I KNEW it must be mine! I love my hubs but fries are a close second. It looks pretty cute tucked in and is very flowy, so I may knot-tie it up for a cropped look in the summer. Super happy with this tee! I wore the brown belt again because I felt it tied everything together.

That’s it for my thrifted spring haul!! All these outfits got me feelin’ like:


p.s. check out my instagram story for a better look at that saddle bag. 😉 ❤

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